What’s the story?
The “Enomenoi Macedonia” (United Macedonians) group has caused heated debate in Greek parliament with its plans to host a ‘Pork and Alcohol BBQ’ event near a migrant camp, which houses Muslims who are forbidden by the Quran to consume pork and alcohol.
The event is scheduled to take place this Sunday, November 10 near the Diavata camp, in Macedonia, with many politicians dubbing it a “racist BBQ” and saying it promotes “xenophobia”, “division” and “hate.”

We do not really like the ring of it and, moreover, we find it somewhat unfriendly. But calling “don’t” certainly doesn’t help, so we came up with something that works and is happier: The BBQ Sponsor Tour!

How does it work?
Indicate whether you want to sponsor per demonstrator or for each piece of meat or 15 minutes of BBQ time. Then, indicate the amount you want to sponsor and enter your information.

Based on the actual number of demonstrators, pieces of meat and 15 minutes of time, we will send you a payment request afterwards with the amount to be paid. We donate the proceeds via the Quick Response Team http://www.quickresponseteam.gr/en/where-are-we-operating-now/: to the refugees in the diavata camp. So do you think there will be a lot of demonstrators? Choose the first! Do you think a few people will roast a lot of meat? Choose the second! Do you think it will take a while? The third! Totally up to you. Come on demonstrators, make it big. We will make something beautiful out of it.