Who are you guys?

We are Dutch citizens who, together with so many others, do our best to create a cheerful, hospitable and self-aware Europe. We are working on, among other things, the international campaign “Let’s Bring them Here (bringthemhere.eu)”, aimed at European relocation of refugees from Greece and Italy.

Have you done this before?

Absolutely. In the Netherlands, an extreme right-wing action group wanted to roast pork in front of various mosques during Ramadan. Then this idea was born, inspired by this story, and gave a cheerful twist to a rather aggressive action. It got hundreds of people moving and quite a bit of money went to the different mosques.

Can you also donate from abroad?

Hell yes. You can either fill out this form if you want your donation to be dependent on the turnout or you can donate directly to:

PopUpWerk NGO
IBAN: NL86TRIO0379653095
please mention ‘BBQsponsortour

Who pays for this?

This is mainly the own time allocation of various active citizens, a little sponsored by the PopUpWerk Foundation, We Gaan Ze Halen and….

Can I also donate directly to the people in the camp?

No, but you can donate directly to the QRT. They are active in the camp. Check out their site here.