Last Sunday Greek nationalists barbecued 5.500 euros for the refugee camp against which they were protesting, aided by a group of Dutch people who, as they themselves said, gave “a cheerful twist” to it.

The initiative of the pork and alcohol barbeque of a nationalist and far right group called “United Macedonians” was intended to protest against the loss of culture due to the arrival of refugees. In the whole of Europe similar actions come up. In the Netherlands a group of anti-Black Pete demonstrators were violently attacked last week at their congress in The Hague.

Organisers of the “BBQ sponsor tour” said: “we stand for freedom of expression, meat and alcohol is not violent. Still, it’s quite unfriendly to do such a thing to people who are in such terrible situation as the refugees in Greece are. We understand the frustration of the Greeks, we’ve done what we can to get the relocation (redistribution of refugees across EU) going But we must not let the political frustration of civilians out on other civilians who fled from war and misery”

This weekend people could donate on the website to the refugees in the Diavata camp (where the bbq was planned) by donating money per demonstrator, per piece of meat or per 15 minutes of barbecue time. A total of more than 5.500 euros has now been promised. Most people donated per minutes of barbecue time. “Good cooperation across political boundaries,” the organizers said cheerfully.

In the Greek media it is reported that the barbecue offered a somewhat pathetic sight and that more people came to the free souvlaki than to the ideas of the initiators.

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